• The door was designed and engineered by the R. L. Kuss Corporation. They received their first purchase order in 1964 with the installation taking place in 1965. They received seven orders for doors that first year.
  • Over the years they grew in popularity. Then they developed a spin-off company from the Kuss Corp. which was named DLM Plastics. DLM Plastics then took over the manufacturing of the Para-Port Door line.


  • In 1997 Machine Tool & Fabrication Inc. purchased the line from DLM Plastics and continued to service customers. Quite interestingly, all through the years, Machine Tool & Fabrication was the company that built and fabricated the mechanical components that went into all of these doors.


  • In 2007 Machine Tool & Fab Corp. purchased Machine Tool & Fabrication Inc. along with the Para-Port Door line. They began working on new literature and a new website which is bringing Para-Port into the digital age.


  • In the new decade, twenty-two (22) Para-Port Doors were installed overseas in Afghanistan via the United States military. These doors operate smoothly and reliably in the heat and sandy conditions of the Afghan desert.