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Machine Tool & Fab Corp. supplies six (6) of their Para-Port Doors to Oklahoma State University

Another unique application recently arose where we supplied six (6) Para-Port Doors to Oklahoma State University. The doors are surrounding their indoor football practice field and they can be adjusted in height to accommodate the weather that they are having at the time. Each door is individually controlled so they can block the rain or weather coming from any direction or open all of them for max ventilation.

Machine Tool & Fab Corp. lands a contract for 14 of their Para-Port Doors for use in Afghanistan.

Machine Tool & Fab’s Para-Port Door division has landed a sizable contract to construct 14 aircraft hangar doors which will be installed at a US Military base in Afghanistan.  The doors will be going on hangars that house both manned aircraft and the unmanned drones.  These doors will be joining a previous shipment of eight Para-Port doors that were shipped there a little over a year ago.

Machine Tool & Fab Corp. is located in Fostoria, Ohio.  Fostoria is centrally located within three hours of 80% of the country’s auto assembly plants and within 500 miles of two-thirds of the nation’s population – an ideal location for domestic and international business. 

Mr. Kiser stated that Machine Tool & Fab Corp. manufactures Para-Port Doors which are fabric doors for aviation and industry.  Para-Port Doors offer significant cost, maintenance and safety advantages over conventional sliding and overhead doors. They can be readily installed on new installations or as a replacement for existing doors. These are custom made doors that can span up to an amazing 145 feet wide and 50 feet tall. 

Mr. Kiser describes the Para-Port Doors as a fabric bottom-roll door that resembles an upside-down window shade where the roll is at the bottom.  They are driven via one or two electric motors, depending on the size of the door, which in turn drives a gearbox mechanism that rolls the fabric door up from the bottom, exposing the door opening as the door is rolled up. 

These doors are very desirable because of the many features they have to offer; such as cost savings, heat retention, cold and hot weather operation, light infiltration, maintenance and safety features.  They are mainly used in aviation aircraft hangars but also lend themselves to factories, grain elevators, marinas, steel mills, professional sport training facilities, cement processing plants and even a restaurant in Hawaii.

Machine Tool & Fab’s Para-Port Doors are sold worldwide including many throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Afghanistan.  Doors are also currently being built for a facility in the Cayman Islands.

Machine Tool & Fab Corp. also engineers and manufactures turnkey automation equipment for industry. They provide a full line of both machine shop and fabrication shop services, creating anything made from metals and plastics.  In addition, they repair and service equipment for the manufacturing industry such as: automotive, plastics, food, HVAC, solar, appliance, medical and general consumer goods.

Machine Tool & Fab’s craftsmanship and design serve as an example to businesses large and small that a superior product and a little perseverance produce large benefits.

Available Sizes

Para-Port doors go up to 145 feet wide and up to 50 feet high.

All doors are custom built to suit your specific needs.

How It Works

The principal of operation is very simple. If you imagine taking a rollup window shade and mounting it upside-down and fixing the loose end to the top of the door opening. Then as the roll/tube rolls up and down the inside of the building, the door either opens or closes.

When the roll is all of the way down and touching the floor seal the door is closed. As you open the door by powering the motor(s), the door starts to open, starting at the floor and rolling up the wall until it is fully open.

The door can be stopped at any point along its travel. This is convenient to: 1) allow for some ventilation, 2) to raise just enough to allow personnel or smaller equipment to move in and out or 3) raise just enough to allow smaller aircraft to pass while trapping and conserving the heat at the top of the building.


  • Para-Port Doors are translucent which allows light in and enables personnel to conduct activities with out the lights on. This also conserves on the lighting bill.
  • The Para-Port Door design holds the heat in the upper part of the building, when the door doesn’t need to be raised to full open. Other doors dump the heat as soon as they are cracked open.
  • Para-Port Doors do not freeze to the ground because snow and ice won’t stick to it. It’s trouble free in all conditions including cold weather conditions. We have installations from Alaska to Florida.
  • Para-Port Doors are a single panel construction, which eliminates mullions, cracks between panels and tracks in the floor along with wind rattle. Once again reducing heat loss and saving on fuel.
  • Para-Port Door drive unit(s) is serviceable at ground level which makes inspection and maintenance very easy.
  • Para-Port Doors are practically maintenance-free. The curtain is washable with just mild soap and water.

Owner's Manual

Download the Para-Port Door Owner's Manual

Download Brochure

Download the Para-Port Door Brochure

Contact Info

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Fostoria, OH 44830

Phone: (419) 435-7676

Fax: (419) 435-6999


Except for the flexible curtain and except as warranted by manufacturers of accessories and parts, the Company warrants that the products sold hereunder, including all accessories and parts supplied by Company, will conform in all material respects to the description of the products contained in the Quote, the blueprints and drawings and that the products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year (or for such longer period of time as is specified herein or in the Quote with respect to any particular product) from the date of shipment (the “Warranty Period”). Company warrants the flexible curtain for a period of five years under normal use and service, its obligation as to the flexible curtain being limited to replacing said curtain, FOB Fostoria, Ohio, at a cost to Customer equal to Company’s quoted price at time of replacement less 1/60th of said quoted price for each full month remaining of the five year warranty period.